Falstaff in South Dakota

and Sidekick too

Franz "tummibear" Brown (John Porthos Falstaff)
1 August
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Artist (painting under the names Franz K Brown and John P Falstaff) and Santa Claus Model, Waist size does not yet equal age but seems to be trying to get there, luckily I get a year older each year; Belt size does not equal height, alas I'm not getting any taller.
website www.franzbrown.com, www.jollyfatman.com // Former Marine Corps officer (until waist size started to become problem). // My father was Reynold Brown, Famous movie poster Illustrator (Attack of 50 foot woman, Creature of the Black Lagoon, How the West Was Won, plus over 250 more). "Trees give us shade, oxygen and beauty, hug one today."