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new paintings, fire and global warming
Artist Franz Brown Sidekick

A year full of distractions comes to a close.
A massive fire in Nebraska almost destroyed the family home, everything around it destroyed but the house still stands after two fires burned around 30-50,000 acres. The two puppies (at about only four months) have found the black soot and ash entertaining. Bandit and Roscoe.
This is now a bad place to be caught in a wind as ash and sand blow with a degree of ferocity.
Panorama, fire house with dogs-wrGlobal warming continues and out here that means more fire and more drought. Two more fires destroyed tens of thousands more acres of forests in South Dakota's Black Hills, where I currently reside. Pine beetles are also destroying the forests here, the beetle, drought fire combination has been deadly for our forests.

The neglect of the global warming problem by our leadership, on both sides of the aisle ensures continuing worsening of our situation. See Rolling Stone August articles by Bill McKibben to see the danger our politicians don't want to talk to it. In a moment of great irony McKibben asks, in August will it take a super size hurricane hitting Manhattan before we actually take action. A few months later and we know the answer as superstorm does billions in damage to the north east coast, including Manhattan. Obama and Chris Christie (sp?) take a walk on the beach and then not much. Then another superstorm slams into the Philippines and their delegation at the global warming conference pleas, literally cries for help in stopping global warming.
Rain in Saudi Arabia on a 105 degree day!!! We don't need tar sands, gas fracking or arctic drilling. We need some courageous leadership willing to tell everyone it's time for great sacrifices.

A number of my favorite forested painting sites have disappeared.  

Recently completed, 48x24 inch acrylic. "Santa and Gunther with Tuba."

fkb1340 DSCN3226-d-72-4x2-wr
Study for Bear series, Carl and Ollie 12x6 oil. Final on this piece (48x24" oil, below) is almost completed.
Thanks and a tip of the hat to my "friends" at men_in_full (live journal) for inspiring this series.


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